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08-30-2017: Battle Chef Brigade


Battle Chef Brigade will be released for the Nintendo Switch (and many other platforms) this holiday season. You can hear me as Saskia in the first campaign, and Lotta in the second. If you like food-themed fun and great artwork, check it out!

Official Site

05-04-2017: Tsukigakirei

Akane - Tsukigakirei

It's the heartwarming romance of the season! The English dub of Tsukigakirei is now streaming, and if you watch it, you'll hear me as Akane Mizuno.

Official Site

02-16-2017: GOSICK

Victorique (GOSICK)

It's been six years coming, but GOSICK is getting an English release! I'm excited to share that I'll be voicing Victorique in the dub. Hope you guys like it!

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